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TECHNIKA, December 1998

National Host of Hungary

A new organisation was formed under the name of National Host of Hungary Society. The organisation - established at the initiative of OMFB (National Board for Technical Development) and with the support of the Ministry of Communication - aims to promote the research and development of advanced information and communications technologies, services and networks.

Another important objective of the Society is to join the 5th Research and Development Framework Program of the European Union starting in 1999. The members of the Society include Matáv, PanTel, Antenna Hungária, the LTO Federation, MTA SZTAKI, Bay Zoltán Foundation, Alcatel, Siemens Telefongyár, System Consulting, Hungaro-com, Futuris, the Institute of International Technology, the Chief Communications Inspectorate and the Telecommunication Conciliatory Forum. The Chairman of the Society is Imre Mojzes.

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